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Vision for students

(1) Enhancing Language Skills

The Department provides a range of comprehensive language courses for all students. TOEIC exams are also regularly held/ Students who wish to further study English may join the English Laboratory or sign up for overseas student exchange programs to enhance their English conversational abilities. 

(2) Strengthening Professional Knowledge

The Department has designed its curriculum to strengthen the depth and scope of the student’s professional knowledge. Students are encouraged to join the Investment Lab and are required to complete a thesis before graduation. The department hopes that students will be able to learn experiences by participating in these academic activities.

(3) Expanding Global Perspective

The Department offers students a holistic exposure to business discipline, empowering them with the interpersonal skills needed to succeed. The department also provides opportunities such as lectures and conferences to expand the students’ global perspective. 

(4) Expending the capacity of practical problems-solving

The department trains students in recognizing and understanding the transnational management and international finance and the students are required to be able to expend the capacity of practical problems-solving.

(5) Emphasizing the indispensability of teamwork to solve finance-related events

According to complicated and highly changeable financial events, the teamwork spirit, with the ability of communication and coordination is necessary for students to solve financial problems. We therefore put these ideas into our courses by applications of group reports, and presentation and so on, to inform our students about the importance of teamwork coordination.

(6) Pursuing financial/business ethics and social responsibility by completing holistic education

Holistic education is the most important point of view for Nan Hua University. The financial crisis and corruption scandals both are recently reflected in the facts that we should more focus on the spirit of characters and financial/business ethics than professional knowledge. Therefore, our courses provide additional contents regarding the ethics and characteristics for building up students’ morality. A notable example is the required course of “Financial market and career ethics” provided by Dep. of finance, College of Management to tell students how to learn more about ethics education besides financial professional education training.

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