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Key Capability Indicators & Connotation

 Illustration about Our Key capability indicators & Connotation

Key capability indicators


To use and analyze finance-related knowledge.

Students cultivate theirs professional abilities by learning the theory and knowledge of financial field for the related occupations.

To search and combine financial information.

Students not only integrate and accept different opinions and events, but they also think and learn from multiple viewpoints to see finance-related events and change-rapid financial market.

To plan financial products and analysis systems.

Students could solve professional financial problems by their own attitude, as well as innovation and thinking ability, financial knowledge and skills.

To practice in financial market.

Students could apply their professional financial knowledge to life or career.

To get along with people and solve living problems.

Students have sincere and courage to face themselves and give an effort on potential development associated with an ability to face and adjust pressure.

To communicate and collaborate with teamwork.

Students exchange and coordinate opinions with different individuals and groups to achieve their goals and mission of financial events.

To carry out business ethics and society responsibility.

Students improve their own living environment, carry out social responsibility, and pursue truth for the benefit of human beings by use of financial professional skills.

To learned how to service and care about society.

Students based on love implement professional financial knowledge to serve the unique of individuals and society as well as value of life.

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