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    NHU-Department of Finance

    Established History

    The bachelor program in finance was established after the EMBA program in 2004 and Master Program, Financial Management Institute was established in 2000, and the EMBA program in financial management Institute established in 2003. We have more than two hundred students of undergraduate program, and the students of MBA and EMBA program are approximately eighty. Our department is now aggressively engaged in varieties of academic activities and students affairs. Currently, the new financial products emerge from developed countries, and application of computer and communication technologies bring about huge amount of financial innovations. Therefore, our teaching and research objectives are to train our students to possess both financial theory and practice capabilities. 

    This Department was established to face the trends of financial liberalization, globalization, and reconstruction, as well as to meet the demands by domestic industries and financial development for business and financial management personnel.

    Course instruction in this Department not only focuses on lectures on the professional knowledge of banking insurance, securities and corporate financial management, but also helps students work as interns in financial institutions. 

    It is hoped that academic theories and practical works can be used to affirm each other, and students can shorten their learning process after graduation at the beginning of their careers.

    Secondly, the curricular design covers professional theories and practical techniques practice including the three instructional focuses: “corporate financial management,” “financial institutions management,” and “investment management.” 

    These courses also enhance corporate financial decision-making, derivative financial product investment, financial innovation and marketing, and cultivate practical techniques of financial institution management and risk management.


    Thirdly, this Department has established one professional financial laboratory, including three divisions:1.personal investment and financial management,2.an institution investment financial management, and 3.derivative financial product division, in which students can become familiar with computer and internet technology applications. 

    This Department also attempts to strengthen foreign language and expressive abilities of students in order to enhance practical abilities in international finance. 

    The Department has arranged industry-academic collaboration and summer internships with various corporations to realize practice in education, and to strengthen the ability of students to apply their knowledge.

    Educational/Training Performance


    First of all, the performance can be seen in students’ combination of theory and practical applications to enhance the competitiveness, fostering conscious learning and professional capability based on complete curriculum planning upon theories and practices. Secondly, the faculty listen to students’ opinions recognizes students’ problems and needs immediately controls the latest financial trend provides new financial information and appropriately increases elective courses to enhance students’ learning in financial theories and practices. In addition, students can fully receive the knowledge related to banking, insurance, securities and business finance, and turn into prominent financial talents. The courses allow students to acquire financial licenses, and be well prepared for future employment, advanced studies, internship and cooperation with business circle.

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