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The objectives of the financial management program are stated as follows:

(1)      To build a well-rounded base for the financial managers who are prepared for employment or entry into a graduate program.

(2)      To provide students who have a strong sense of professionalism, with respect for fellow workers and their profession.

(3)      To provide graduates with a set of skills that will allow them to grow professionally and provide service and leadership in their careers.

Regardless of troubles experienced by students, they should not hesitate to consult with teachers and classmates. Teachers and students in this Department are like one big happy family, and each individual is an important member. All members have the joint objective and responsibility of filling the family with joyous laughter and happiness, so that they can work hard at learning skills, and they can contribute to their country and society after graduation.

Career Planning Map

The career-planning map indicates the possible developmental choice for students to make their career-planning before they graduate.



This Department was established in 1999, with the aim to cultivate financial personnel necessary for corporations and the financial industry. It is subordinate to the College of Management. There’re about 190 students in under-graduate school, 80 students in graduate institute including MBA and EMBA in finance.

In addition, the department has produced significant research on the subject of banking and securities. The department has created a presence for itself in the field of financial education, and with an emphasis on both theory and practice. The department can enhance finance theories and help develop companies’ financial strategies. The department can train professional knowledge for students who can receive career-practice program before graduation in private institutions and organizations within the famous companies and help to raise the skill level of people in this field. As such, the department contributes indirectly to promoting economic development, and increasing the financial competitiveness and management efficiency of Taiwan. With inter-departmental cooperation we also offer classes on financial & economic law, business administration, accounting, information science and applied mathematics etc., thereby achieving a rounded education for students in the social sciences field.

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