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Bachelor degree program

The Main Purpose to the students / Combined with the practice of financial knowledge and important application to enhance the students’ job competitiveness in the workplace

Master Program in Financial Management was established in  2000,  in addition, master program of Financial Management  and the  establishment of a special class job  in  2003  and bachelor program courses is established in  2004. We connected combination of theory and practical application with two main field courses in order to enhance the competitiveness in the workplace, to achieve the occupational ability both the communication and cooperation with practical application including the securities investment or personnel financial planning for the purpose of nurturing the students’ competitiveness in order to get better-prepared into the financial industry.

The characteristics of Department of Finance

1. The main curriculum include in stocks, bonds, funds, derivative financial instruments and real estate investments management, training, insurance and financial risk management, corporate finance and financial performance evaluation, financial markets and institutions’ management, finance metrology and other fields of features.

2. Regularly finance license courses in order to actively enhance students’ ability to obtain professional licenses on finance-related field, in addition, EMBA program graduates have to get at least one finance license. On the average level, the students in B.A program having 4.5 sheet licenses in finance-related field as a basic requirement these five years.

3. To actively encourage the teachers to execute career-and-academy industry collaboration and business practice target, in addition to enhancing the connotation of teachers in both teaching and research, it can also serve to stimulate students’ learning enthusiasm.

4. Financial-related industries had faced apparent transition these years, two areas in actual need of "securities investment " and "financial-and- wealthy planning" to meet the career trends, therefore, the main goal is clearly positioned to match the career development to students in connecting with current job market.

5. Through "Fo Guang Shan United University System", students can go to get another degree by two years in Bachelor program, EX: University of the West, University of Nan Tien, we providing 2 + 2 degree courses overseas to promote learning and enhance students' international perspectives.

Educational goals
The bachelor program aims to cultivate students’ "securities investment" and "financial-and-wealthy planning" talents in communication, cooperation and practical application" , therefore, students can learn financial-related areas of professional finance knowledge and skills to achieve this long-range goal, respectively, to develop the following specific strategic mid and long-range goals:

1. Nurturing financial professional competence and practical application ability

(1) The curriculum designed mainly emphasizes teaching portfolio investment, financial-and-wealthy planning and professional knowledge and ability, both in theory and practice, in order to strengthen the students’ advantageous competitiveness.

(2) To bring up students pay attention to "securities investment" and "financial-and-wealthy planning" professional ethics and practices with enthusiastic attitude in the process of learning. 
2. To provide diversified learning mechanism

(1) The curriculum planning mainly focuses on the practical application, communication and team-work ability.

(2) To enhance social care and mental-and-body corning through service learning, financial planning practice and industry-and-academy activities.

(3) Five-year curriculum consists learning process, one is to recruit foreign students, in addition, to stimulate students join 2 + 2 dual degree program in order to enhance students' international learning and vision-built capability. 


 Core Competencies in Department of Finance

School core competencies

Department of core competencies

Department of Financial Capability Index, DA

Master Program of Financial Management in Financial Capability Index, Da Ban

EMBA Program of Financial Management in Financial Capability Index, index Db

Professional Competence 20%

(Professional force)

AA Finance Professional knowledge and Skills

(Professional force)

A-A-DA1 Finance relevant expertise.

A-A-DA2 independent thinking and professional skills.

A-A-Da1 financial management theory capability.

A-A-Da2 independent thinking and professional skills.

A-A-Db1financial management theory capability.

A-A-Db2independent thinking and professional skills.

Self-Conscious study 20%

(Vitality force)

BA Self-Conscious study

(Vitality force)

B-A-DA1 self-confidence and self-reflection capabilities.

B-A-DA2 pluralistic thinking, international financial vision and the ability to continue to grow and learn.

B-A-Da1 self-confidence and ability to take the initiative to learn.

B-A-Da2 diversified thinking, vision and sustained international financial expertise to grow and learn.

B-A-Db1 self-confidence and ability to take the initiative to learn.

B-A-Db2diversified thinking, vision and sustained international financial expertise to grow and learn.

Practical application of 30%

(Substantive force)

CA Financial Management Practice Applications

(Substantive force)

C-A-DA1 theory and practice, improving the ability to solve the problem of Finance.

C-A-DA2innovation capacity planning.

C-A-Da1 theory and practice, improve the ability to solve the problem of Finance.

C-A-Da2professional financial management required empirical analysis.

C-A-Da3 creative thinking ability.

C-A-Db1practical experience in sophisticated financial management and practice skills.

C-A-Db2 creative thinking ability.

Communication and cooperation 10%

(Communication force)

DA communication and cooperation

(Communication skills)

D-A-DA1 in English and basic information dealing and processing ability.

D-A-DA2 communication, coordination and teamwork skills and capability.

D-A-Da1 the English and the ability to deal with basic IT Finance.

D-A-Da2 communication and coordination and teamwork skills.

D-A-Db1 in English and basic information processing ability Finance.

D-A-Db2communication and coordination and teamwork skills.

Social Careness10%

(Care Force)

EA Social Careness

(Care Force)

E-A-DA1 Financial Literacy in Ethics

EA-DA1sustainable environmental and community spirit of embedded dedication.

E-A-Da1 Financial Literacy Ethics.

E-A-Da2 sustainable environmental and community spirit of embedded dedication.

E-A-Db1 Financial Literacy Ethics.

E-A-Db2 sustainable environmental and community spirit of embedded dedication.

Physical and mental Corning 10%

(Mental and physical force)

FA mental Corning

(physical and Mental force)

F-A-DA1 Humanities and Arts basic conservation.

F-A-DA1 time and emotional management capabilities.

F-A-Da1 humanities and Art conservation.

F-A-Da2 time and emotional management capabilities.

F-A-Db1 humanities and art conservation.

F-A-Db2 time and emotional management capabilities.


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